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About Us

RBR Life Science

Hello Everyone !!! Welcome to This is an educational blog. Here we provide accurate, scientific information and notes in the various disciplines of life sciences. such as microbiology, botany, zoology, biotechnology, and various other subjects related to the biology field. 

Myself RBR, founder of I have started this blog with the goal of providing the best and most accurate information for various Life science (Biology) disciplines. is a knowledge center of life science (Biology) for students, professors, with Biology and medical Background. Here on this site, we also provide content in video format for a better understanding of concepts. We have also started our own YouTube channel, RBR Life Science. we also provide opportunity to check understanding particular topics by providing practice of solving MCQ on this website.

RBR Life Science is an educational niche blog/website that focuses on microbiology (bacteriology, virology, parasitology, mycology, immunology, molecular biology, biochemistry, and so on) and other branches of biology. It was founded in 2022 to provide undergraduate and graduate students with study notes, particularly during exams. This website can also help with A-level biology, AP biology, IB biology, and other university-level biology and microbiology courses

This website content comes from numerous textbooks and internet resources. We are grateful to everyone whose work is mentioned or referenced on this website. If we have done anything like this unintentionally, please notify us at

We will remove such things within seven working days at most.