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Agar-Agar in microbiology

Welcome to your Agar-Agar in microbiology

What is the most significant property of agar that makes it useful in microbiology?

Which of the following statements regarding the gelation property of agar is true?

Agar media is non-toxic to most microbes and can be sterilized at high temperatures. What is the highest temperature agar can withstand before its properties are compromised?

What is the pH range of agar media that is commonly used in microbiology?

What is agar in microbiology?

Agar is derived from which source?

Which of the following statements is true about the physical properties of agar?

What is the temperature at which agar liquefies?

Agar media is an important tool in microbiology because:

Agar media is preferred over other types of solidifying agents like gelatin because?

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