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MacConkey Agar

Welcome to your MacConkey Agar

Neutral Red is one of the component present in the MacConkey agar. At what pH the color of Neutral Red changes from colorless to pink?

MacConkey agar medium is an example of

Macconkey agar medium is __________________ ?

Lactose fermenting gram negative bacteria produces _______________ colonies on macconkey agar plate.

Which is the selective component of macconkey agar

What is the role of neutral red in MacConkey agar

What is the indicator in MacConkey agar ?

What is the role of lactose in MacConkey agar

What types of bacteria are inhibited on macconkey agar ?

Which type of bacteria grow on macconkey agar ?

Fermentation of _____________ produces acid which causes change in color of medium around bacterial colony.

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