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Acid fast staining

Welcome to your Acid fast staining

In Differential Staining Procedure more than one dye is used for staining. Which of the following is Differential staining procedure?

Certain gram positive bacteria doesn’t take up stain during gram staining method due to _________________________

In Acid Fast Bacteria cell wall is waxy with high lipid content. This lipid is made from complex hydrocarbon _________________ ?

Acid Fast staining differentiates __________ bacteria into two categories as Acid fast bacteria and non acid fast bacteria.

Which is primary stain used in Acid Fast Staining?

Which of the following method is Acid fast staining method

In some bacteria cell wall is waxy and contains high lipid content. This wax layer is made up of complex hydrocarbon known as mycolic acid. Which of the following staining method is used to stain such bacteria.

Which dye acts as counterstain in Acid fast staining method

Which of the following infectious disease is caused by acid fast bacteria

Acid fast bacteria belongs to which genus

In acid fast staining method Methylene Blue acts as counterstain. This Methylene blue stains ________________ cells .

After successful acid fast staining, Acid fast Bacteria (AFB) appear ____________________ in color.

After successful acid fast staining, non Acid fast Bacteria (non AFB) appear ____________________ in color.

In acid fast staining decolorization step is done using which solution

In acid fast staining after decolorization step ___________ bacteria become colorless.

Bacteria once stained with Carbol Fuchsin and then it is difficult to remove this stain even with an acid alcohol solution such bacteria are known as

Which of the following acid fast staining method uses heat for penetration of Carbol Fuchsin into Bacteria cell wall.

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